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Our mission at Shine Bright Now is to give you everything that you need (support, tools, techniques, inspiration, energy, healing, guidance, information) to help you thrive, succeed, or just plain keep your head above water in today’s challenging society.

When you come into contact with us, when you come through our doors, our goal is that after spending time with us, after every session, you leave feeling more connected, energised, inspired, knowledgeable, clear, hopeful, solution-focused, and that overall you have a greater sense of wellbeing.

We believe in the being's natural ability to heal itself when given the right conditions. We believe in meeting you where you are in your life journey. And we believe in the power of love/spirit/truth (whatever you want to call it).

We like to keep things simple. We work with you to help you expose and release your blocks. And we often focus on helping you to identify your next step.

We have humility here at Shine Bright Now, and respect for life. We see ourselves as a work in progress - always looking to improve - our information, our services, and ourselves.

To find out more about what we offer including our, as-we-call-it, computerised kinesiology and homeopathy, check out the Services page. Under ForYou, you'll find FAQs, Health, Inspiration, Product picks, Recipes, Recommendations, and Resources. Under Blog, you'll find Gary's blog (prose and poetry).

Shine Bright Now is based five minutes from Gärdet Tube in our souped-up garage and also, of course, here online. We are Gary and Annica.

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What some of our clients have said about us...

"I am very impressed with your natural health guidance. I have been to kinesiologists, healers, the usual medical care here and in India, bought thousands of health products over the years, done cures, detoxes, etc. etc.. Much has of course been useful, but I've never experienced such a huge improvement and healing as with your help. And with this I've also had the energy to sort out other pieces of my life, find my life-path."
"Thousand, thousand, thank you for all your help and all the good advice! When I got home from you yesterday, I fell asleep for several hours, when I woke up, I was very hungry and felt better than I have done for ages!  I have tested many different alternative methods but this is what I have responded to the strongest and best."

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