Photograph by Lysa Öster

We, Annica and Gary, who run Shine Bright Now, have been on an exploratory inner and outer journey for a combined 70 years or so, and have wide, varied, and deep life experience. We also have many years of skills and experience helping others to heal and grow - Annica having worked with and helped hundreds of clients in her previous natural health clinic, Vibera, and during the last 5 years in Shine Bright Now - and Gary as a life coach and experienced leader within Tech.

Photograph by Lysa Öster

Jag heter Annica Medici. Jag har hållit på med örter o kost för hälsa så länge jag kan minnas. Jag är intuitiv, bra på att lyssna och ta hand om andra. Min passion är att hjälpa andra att komma i kontakt med sitt djupare själv för att finna frihet o kreativitet. Min stora fascination är örtmedicin och jag älskar att dela med mig av min kunskap hur man kan hela kroppen. När jag var 16 började jag läsa min fars andliga böcker, han var min första lärare och lärde mig att livet är magiskt. Därifrån gick jag vidare att studera, utforska och utöva, Kosthållning o Örter, Yoga, Meditation och Byron Katie’s The Work. Med allt detta lärde jag mig till slut att älska mig själv och det öppnade mig för att kunna möta min tvillingsjäl Gary. Från ett värdsligt perspektiv, så har jag växt upp och bott i Sverige, Italien, Asien och Afrika. Jag har varit ensamstående mamma och har nu tre vuxna barn. Jag har drivit drivit min egen hälsoklinik sedan 2009, är certifierad Hanna Kroeger Practitioner och Bioresonans specialist
In English: My name is Annica Medici. I am a natural health practitioner, intuitive, listener, and carer. I am passionate about helping others get in touch with their deeper self to find freedom and creativity. I am fascinated by natural medicine and love to share my knowledge of how to heal the body. When I was 16 years old I started to read my father's spiritual books, he was my first teacher and taught me that life is magical. From there, I went on to study, explore, and practice Nutrition, The Law of Attraction through Abraham-Hicks, Yoga, Meditation, and Sacred Sexuality. And then on to Advaita Vedanta and Byron Katie's The Work. With these teachings, I finally learnt to love myself. And this made me open to meet my twin soul Gary. From a worldly perspective, I grew up and lived in Sweden, Italy, Asia, and Africa. Apart from being a single mother bringing up three (now grown-up) children, I have worked in many and varied fields including events organising, co-running my own textile business, and running my own natural health clinic.

Photograph by Bryan Loke

My name is Gary Niemen. I am a life coach, intuitive, writer, sorter, organiser, and problem solver. I am passionate about life, the power of love, and using everything I have learnt on my life's journey to help others. When I was 23 years old,  I had a deep mediation experience while on a Buddhist retreat in Thailand. This experience had a profound effect on my life - leading to the awakening of my internal chi energy (kundalini), the realisation when I was 42 that there is another way and that way is Love, and then several years after that finally meeting my twin soul, Annica. I have explored and practiced Psychology, Buddhism,
Tai Chi, Yoga, Meditation, Advaita Vedanta, Byron Katie's The Work, Jerry Jampolsky's Attitudinal Healing, Sacred Sexuality, and Optimum Health. From a worldly perspective, I grew up in London, England, have a Computing Science education, and have worked for many years in Tech as a technical writer, product manager, and leader. I am also a mental health advocate at my current company. Before meeting Annica, I was married for 21 years and have one son from this relationship.