Shine Bright Now offers the below services:

Natural health guidance using NuVision and SCIO

Using the SCIO and NuVision devices, we work to identify body and psyche issues keeping you from wellbeing. This can be called 'computerised kinesiology'. Once identified, we work with you to provide a strategy for moving forward. A part of this strategy is using the devices in their other dimension - what can be called 'computerised homeopathy'. This together with information about diet, lifestyle, supplements, and herbs can set you on the path to healing. The first session is two hours. A follow up session is recommended after one or two months.

Read Annica's full intro to computerised kinesiology.


NuVision helps uncover the imbalances and underlying causes of ill health. That information may be herbal, nutritional, or mental/emotional. What if your long standing physical symptom is because of what you believe or say to yourself? What if it's because of your job or your relationship? What if it's because you live in the past and you are still holding on to old relationships, guilt, or regrets? What if your fatigue is something simple like you are low in minerals?  What if you have parasites? In the traditional health care model, these are not even considered and drugs are easily prescribed to mask symptoms, but the drugs never fix the underlying problem. If you are ready to try and do something different, consider natural medicine.

For more information about NuVision, see here

For more information about how NuVision works, contact us.


For a one page information sheet on the SCIO, see here

For more information about the SCIO, contact us and we can send as Acrobat PDF.

About frequency, energy, vibrational, informational medicine

Here are some sources of information that can be useful to understand the new disciplines of frequency medicine, energy medicine, vibrational medicine, informational medicine:

Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research

Frequency: The medicine of the future

Introduction to Energy Medicine

Legal: In no way, shape or form should any information found on Nu|Vision or SCIO be construed for medical advice. The information found herein should never supersede information provided by a medical professional. Nu|Vision and SCIO products are not for treating, diagnosing, or curing any disease or condition. 

Cost: 700 kr per hour

Self inquiry using Byron Katie's The Work

Using Byron Katie's The Work, we help you to examine your stressful thoughts and move to a place of greater peace. For a quick introduction to The Work, read this.

Cost: 700 kr per hour

Life coaching

My (Gary's) aim is to work with you to find out what you want in life - in areas such as relationship, health and fitness, money, happiness, and energy - and then help you to move towards that. Together we work to discover and bring to the light any blocks that you might have - so that you can move on.

For more information, see here.

Cost: First session exploratory and free, after that, 700 kr per hour