Here are some of the products that we use and recommend.

Coconut milk

Put it upside down in the fridge. After a few hours open the can and scoop out the thick stuff and what you have is a great alternative to cream. Keeps for about four days in the fridge. This brand works the best.


Coconut oil

There are plenty of good coconut oils out there. We particularly like this one.

Renee Voltaire

EMF protective clothing 1

I work in IT and am subjected to a high level of EMF all day long. Wearing this T-Shirt as first layer has really helped me manage.

Biopure (recommended by Dr Klinghardt)

EMF protective clothing 2

I have also used this one and it is good.

EMF Clothing and Shielding

Lentil pasta

The best alternative to traditional pasta we have found - our favourites are chick pea, red lentil, and green lentil.

Explore Cuisine

Nut butters

Great nut butters - available, for example, at Paradiset.

Horizon Natuurvoeding

Rocky Mountain Essential Oils

We did a lot of research to get to these oils. They are the best in our opinion.

Rocky Mountain Oils

Schampo Vildros

A very good soft, natural shampoo.


Sea Buckthorn Cream

A natural face cream with a perfect consistency. Good price too.



In our view, if you want to eat soya - go for tempeh.

Da Carla